3 Ways Veterans Can Boost Their Resume

Many veterans and their families have mixed feelings about the process of moving from the military to civilian life. Making this transition can be a little scary for military members. You get used to a certain lifestyle, and all of a sudden it just goes away.

According to the 2015 Annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey, 46% of post-9/11 veterans reported that it took longer than expected to find employment after transitioning out of the service.

Many veterans find it difficult to effectively translate military service into a resume that accurately depicts the veteran’s skillset.

If you’re a veteran, and you find yourself struggling to find employment that matches your interests and ability, try updating your resume with the following tips.

#1 – Break It Down

One of the most common mistakes veteran’s make on their resume is just listing their branch of service, rank, and years served. Your 10-20 years in the service cannot be summed up in a few bullet points.

Break down your service by each rank you’ve earned, and itemize the highlights of what you accomplished in each rank or duty station.  What you’ll end up with is demonstrated experience with a diverse range of tasks, tested management skills, and consistent progress.

Need help translating your military experience into civilian skills? Get a copy of your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) for a list of skills you’ve gained during your time in the service.

#2 – Be Specific About Technical Knowledge

We live in a digital age. Whether you are hoping for a position in the information technology industry, medical field, or even an operations position – demonstrated ability to pick up new processes is vital to success in the civilian job market.

As much as you are able, provide details on what technical devices or engineering and mechanical skills you used in your time in the military. From being an expert in Microsoft Excel, to replacing drone parts – being specific about what you know can lead to positions with employers ranging from your local grocery store to Boeing.

#3 – Show Off Your Education

One of the greatest benefits of military service is the variety of education opportunities offered on and off the job. Make a list of every military-mandated school you attended in the service: from basic training to officer training and so on. Summarize what you gained from each school in one to two sentences.

Many veterans also make the mistake of not listing college credits if they haven’t finished their degree. Whether you’ve completed your degree, or even if are still working on it, include any college credits you’ve earned.

Need Extra Help?

Building a resume that matches your skills and goals is the first step to a great career. However, it’s not the only step. Getting to your dream job may take time, and a lot of preparation.

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