My very first testing experience was with the largest department in the state. I somehow got lucky and passed the written test all on my own, so I decided I would prepare for the oral board on my own too. Big mistake. I didn’t have a clue what kind of questions the board would likely ask, and even if I did it wouldn’t have mattered – I had no idea HOW to properly answer them! I was clueless of how the oral board process works, and needless to say, I did not get the job. Two years later the same department was testing again so I decided to get some help, and I’m so glad I did. After working with the guys at TopScore, not only did my written test score go up several points, but my oral board score skyrocketed from an 80 to a 95! That test was the second test I had ever taken, and the only difference between my two testing experiences was the proper guidance and training I received at TopScore. The second time around I DID get the job, and now I’m working for my dream department. I know I would not be a firefighter here today if it weren’t for TopScore!

Bjorn Skolvin

Becoming a firefighter is by far one of the most competitive and sought after jobs in today’s job market. Positions are separated by mere points in the testing process. I was proactive and took the TopScore course and was able to edge out some of the competition with the tools they taught me.

Corey LeMay
Boise Fire Department Firefighter III
Region 4 Idaho State Haz/Mat Response Team


I was told a member of the interview board said, “In all my years of sitting on these interview panels, that is the first time a candidate walked out of the room and I knew that was our guy.”

Fritz Gibson
Newly hired professional firefighter

In 2008 I had been looking for a full time fire service career for about two years. I had tried many study aids that I got off the internet but still had a difficult time making headway in finding a job. I got a referral about the TopScore Course from a friend and signed up. Taking the TopScore fire fighter testing and interview course was very helpful and informative. The information he shared helped immensely, especially for prepping for the interview process with Boise Fire. With the skills he taught me I got a great score on my oral interview and was offered a job shortly after. I highly recommend Mike’s course, it is definitely worth the time and money.

Matthew Lutz

A firefighter friend gave me Topscore’s contact information. At the time, I thought I was prepared for the interview and wasn’t terribly interested in getting additional coaching. However, my desire to be a firefighter demanded that I leave no leaf unturned in my pursuit. After talking to Rob for only a few minutes I knew he had the experience and ability to assist me, and I made an appointment to sit down with him. I have no doubt that his tips and advice significantly improved my interview, and he showed a genuine interest in helping me reach my goal. If you’re serious about nailing the interview and landing a career in the fire service, look no further.

Luke Miller

I am so thankful for the techniques I learned from TopScore. I can honestly say without them I would not have my dream job today. It is rare to test once and land a job in the fire service, but with the interviewing techniques I was taught I was able to make it happen. Thanks you so much for all your help! Words cannot begin to explain how grateful I am.


Kevin Sepian

If you are serious about pursuing the fire service as a career then, without a doubt, you will have to take on the challenge of the firefighter interview panel. This is not the most comfortable situation so you must be at the top of your game and ready to perform when it comes to the interview. I can honestly say that this book and the coaching I received by Rob and Mike was the "keystone" in my success with the interview. In turn, helping me to achieve my dream job. It's simple; read this book, pursue coaching from the authors, and apply what you learn to your upcoming firefighter interview! I wouldn't be where I am with out it!

Garret Lyons

If you want to become a firefighter this book is a must. It was my first time testing and also my only time testing thanks to Mike and Rob, the authors. This book will teach you the skills to answer any question that's thrown at you during an interview. The skills you learn will calm the nerves and make you feel prepared/confident for your interview. I also highly recommend contacting Mike and Rob for a coaching session after purchasing this book. I personally purchased a coaching session and was worried if it was worth it because I was 2000 miles away from Mike. I couldn't of been more wrong! Regardless of where you are located they accommodate to you and make sure you're prepared. Check out their website interview911 for more info on the coaching sessions. If you are serious about getting your dream job these guys have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Matt Kinn


Mike Zolin and Rob Christensen, I am writing today to let both of you know that the information and instruction that you gave is second to none. I have been offered positions with two different fire departments as a direct result of the high interview scores that I received. Before taking this class I was not adequately able to express the reasons that I should be hired to work as a firefighter. After your class I became confident during my interviews. I know it isn’t magic. It’s about learning how to express the deep desire you have to follow your calling and you taught me how to do it. I am certain that what you taught me would be good advice for those looking for any job from mechanic to CEO. Words are nice but the proof in is the pudding. Following my last interview, one of the interviewers asked the others: “Does anyone else feel like standing up and clapping?”

Robert Pettinger
Valedictorian F.D.N.Y Spring 2002 Recruit Class


Mike and Rob were instrumental in preparing me for a career in the fire service. Their guidance helped me in every step of the very stressful and competitive process.


Captain Roy Mitchell
Boise Fire Department


While most of these reviews are based on the hiring process, I have used this book and Mike and Rob's coaching services to prepare for several promotional exams and have found them invaluable. The same interview strategies that help with hiring interviews also prepare individuals to excel in promotional interviews. There is a big gap between the candidate who memorizes answers to a set of questions and the one that can think and respond dynamically to answer any question thrown at them. TopScore is an essential component to bridging that gap.   

Andy McFarland


I've never felt more confident going into an interview. This book alone will prepare you for your interview more than any other resource out there and is worth every penny. TopScore also offers interview coaching which helps you apply the rules you will learn in this book to actual interview scenarios and the experience is unlike anything else you can do. If you are serious about becoming a firefighter, this book and the other resources offered by the company TopScore are essential in achieving this goal. I have no doubt that you will benefit from this book and this company the same way I have.            

Shawn Cope