Interview: Insights into getting a perfect score on your firefighter interview [audio]

"If you want a job with the fire department you need to approach your interview preparation as if it is the most important thing going on in your life at the time.” -Stephen Tyler

In an interview process where the 1st person on the hiring list and the 20th are only separated by .3 points, and the department is only hiring 15 people, every word and second of your interview matters.

Can you imagine missing the cut for your dream job by only .01 points?

I got the opportunity to interview past TopScore student Stephen Tyler, who was one 1 of 4 people in his testing cycle to get a perfect score on his firefighter interview. He was offered 1 of 15 positions at a department that interviewed over 100 candidates.

In his interview, Stephen gets into detail about how he prepared, his biggest take-a-ways from interview coaching, and his top tips for anyone seeking to become a firefighter.

If you’re even thinking about applying for a fire department, this interview will provide you with incredible insight into the oral board interview.

Why not learn from someone who did it perfectly?  


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