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Firefighter Interview Rule Book
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Read the Firefighter Interview Rule Book

Learn a proven system to answer ANY question and know exactly what the board is looking for.

Use the Firefighter Interview Workbook

Know exactly how to sell your best qualites so you aren’t pondering thoughts while in the chair.

Meet with your interview coach

Learn to properly implement the TopScore Top5 system with individualized feedback so you know you are on the right track.

Enter your interview with confidence

Implement the TopScore system with ease and land the job you’ve always wanted.


What Makes TopScore Different?

Thousands of people enter their interview hoping for the best. Often, they’ve practiced and researched tips online, but it turns into a guessing game and they come up short. TopScore provides you with a complete guide to preparing for your interview and impressing the panel. Coaching can be directed toward entry level and promotional interviews.

The TopScore interview coaches have proudly served as firefighters for over 20 years. Spending over 15 years interview coaching they have helped hundreds of candidates secure a career in the fire service and promote through the ranks. Coauthors of four books and life long students of the interview, they made it their mission to help the best candidates achieve their dream of becoming a firefighter.

After completing TopScore Interview Coaching, you will be able to confidently execute the following:

  • The TopScore Top Five, the foundation for answering questions. You will learn how to break down your answers into five simple but effective parts. 

This formula will help you avoid nervous rambling and guide you through the interview by providing a specific structure to create a complete and precise response to ANY  question.

We will walk you through the types of questions you will see, so you know exactly what to expect. When job offers are decided by mere decimal points, not being properly prepared for all of these types could spell disaster.

  • TopScore Marketing Priorities And Core Values, the polish to ensure you not only answer the question but provide the oral board with a comprehensive understanding of what you offer and how you will be a valuable asset to the department. Here's the secret, the oral board is looking for information they do not ask questions about. Learn what it is and how to include it.
  • Rules, information you need to know before, during, and after the oral interview. We have seen candidates fail by saying just one wrong thing. To avoid this, you will learn the rules you need to ensure your success.  Most if not all of these rules are not written anywhere, until now, but they do exist. The oral board knows the rules. So should you. 

The system is easy enough anyone can use it; yet, powerful enough to be a complete game changer.


What's my investment?

We understand the time and expense that is involved in testing to become a firefighter; we have been there. Our goal is to help you cut down the amount of time, energy and expense involved in your pursuit of this amazing career. Our only caveat to your purchase is the following: be dedicated to attaining your career and when you are hired, remain passionate about this great profession!

What to Expect

During your coaching session we will make sure you are implementing the TopScore system correctly and are ready to confidently execute your interview.  We will answer any questions you have about the book, the interview or the testing process in general.

Interview coaching delivered through video call, phone call, or in person.

TopScore Interview Coaching Package Includes

  • 2 hour personal coaching session

  • Resume Review

  • TopScore’s Firefighter Interview Rule Book

  • Firefighter Interview Rule Book Workbook

  • PDF versions of the books today!


Our Promise to You

We are confident you will be happy with the skills you learn. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee. After hundreds of candidates, we still have not had anyone less than thrilled with what they learned from TopScore.

After all, don’t we all like a store that will refund your purchases without any questions. If you would like a coaching refund, please ask within 14 days and we will make that happen.


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