TopScore Guarantee

Simple, if you would like a refund just ask and we will make it happen. After all, don’t we all like a store that will refund your purchases without any questions. If you would like a coaching refund please ask within 14 days and we will make that happen.


We consider our clients family. Our TopScore clients have landed their dream job at these departments, to list a few.

I can say without a doubt that I would not have been hired had it not been for the gentlemen at Top Score. The coaching for the interview was spot on. This was my first, and thankfully my only, test/interview process that I had to go through. I now have my dream job thanks to these guys... on the first try! The information provided in the book has also been invaluable in helping me become a true professional and member of the team now that I am on the line. I would recommend this book and the coaching sessions to anyone interested in pursuing a career with the fire service.
— Dale Springer

At TopScore we are confident you will be happy with our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a money back guarantee. After hundreds of candidates we still have not had anyone less than thrilled with what they learned from TopScore. This is not like other guarantees where they guarantee that you will pass the oral. That is an easy guarantee to make. Guaranteeing you will be satisfied is much harder, but we truly believe in our products.


To get the most out of Firefighter Interview Rule Book, we have created this compatible guide to help you with preparing for your interview. This workbook is a convenient, easy to use, all-in-one comprehensive guide to organize your Marketing Priorities, TopScore Top5 answers, Fire Department Ride A-long notes, Interview Follow up notes, and much more.

Fire Departments

How do you know you are hiring the best?

Currently, there are opportunities nationwide to hire better candidates in the fire service. Some of the best, most desirable new hires may simply not know how to interview effectively. This factor can have fire departments miss exceptional candidates. Level the playing field for potential applicants by providing them with an interview book and companion workbook. This proven, crucial yet simple curriculum will be NO COST to the fire department.