Here is an easy solution to this common problem.

Fire Departments across the country spend millions of dollars trying to identify and hire the BEST candidates for the job. Quite often, the best available candidates are not always adept at interviewing. Many of these potentially great employees do not have an understanding of what needs to be communicated during the interview. Firefighter Interview Rule Book provides a clear foundation of the critical information needed to communicate to the interview board. TopScore is here to help you with an easy solution to this problem, ensuring your investment in personnel selection pays off for the next 25 years.

Level the playing field by giving ALL candidates a study guide on how to interview.

At NO COST to your department.  

TopScore's recently published, Firefighter Interview Rule Book and Firefighter Interview Rule Book WORKBOOK will provide your interviewees with proper preparation for a fire service interview. With these, all candidates will be trained on how to interview at their highest ability. This will give the interview board a much clearer prediction if a candidate will be a great investment to your department. With this curriculum, your department can pass the cost on to the applicant as part of the testing fee. Once again, no cost to the agency.

TopScore would like to provide your potential interviewees with E-Book versions of Firefighter Interview Rule Book and the companion Workbook for the low cost of only $15.00. For departments needing books for 1000 or more applicants TopScore offers an additional 25% off.

With Firefighter Interview Rule Book and Firefighter Interview Rule Book WORK Book you will be assured you are getting the most qualified candidate to meet the needs of your fire department.

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Along with TopScore aiding in the procurement for the best candidates for a career in fire service, TopScore is establishing a “go to” preparation book for fire service promotion and advancement within the fire department. TopScore is expanding with the release of their “Promotional Edition” interview book. This book will prepare future drivers, company officers and battalion chiefs for their promotional Interview. With a desire to build the TopScore brand name, we are extending an offer of Firefighter Interview Rule Book and Firefighter Interview Rule Book Workbook at an incredible savings. This proven interview curriculum can be no cost to the fire department, and directed to the interviewee as part of the firefighter entry level testing fee.